Pratibha Gaur

Editorial Writer

Our planet Earth is an angelic place. Here, all the living beings depend on each other to live. We, humans, are considered as the wisest species on Earth. But, we at times become very thoughtless to the creatures who cannot express themselves, particularly the animals. Animals, just like human beings, have right to live without pain. Treating animals with kindness and love is the moral duty of every individual. Yet, we sometimes fail to fulfill this duty.

Animal cruelty is the brutal and violent treatment towards innocent organisms. The world has witnessed cruelty towards animals in different ways.  Poachers inhumanely kill animals for their skin, fur and teeth. This has led to the extinction of many species of animals which, in turn, has troubled the ecological balance of our planet. Last year we saw the monstrous activity of human feeding fireworks to an elephant in Kerala. Many incidents of raping animals are witnessed in the country. Significantly more such events that are disgraceful to address are reported taking place. Such incidents are criticized by the government but never cease to happen.

Some countries like Sweden, Denmark, England and Hongkong have uncompromising animal welfare laws. Indian law criticises animal cruelty but with exclusion. Strict rules prevent exploitation of animals for purpose of entertainment, but they are permitted to be experimented on and fed upon. Laws are found to be unsatisfactory to stop these animal abuses. It is the responsibility of the human civilization to maintain the harmony between creatures and save them from endangerment and extinction.

Animals have a right to live fearlessly and we have a duty to step in if their rights aren’t valued. Every individual should be an example of kindness, love to other animals. Government can make steps to educate people about the issue. We have to understand that we can intervene if we witness situations where animals are being harassed.