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SFC Foundations – Delhi is a college youth run unit which is established to spread smiles all around in its capacity and to work for upliftment of underprivileged communities and individuals who are suffering disproportionately through advocacy al, projects and awareness campaigns. It is the Delhi unit of SFC Foundations ,that has been mainly established in Chandigarh. SFC Delhi unit holds and strongly believes on values like inclusivity, compassion, unity and empathy and if we can bring positive change even in one person’s life, it will be magical and satisfactory.

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Aashna, with her impeccability and passion secures a high administrative position in SFC Foundations. Being a debonair, she has a keen desire and passion to serve the society. Elated by nature and efficacious by work, she justifies her personality and the definition of an actual leader.

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Tabassum is pursuing Political Science (hons) from IPCW, University of Delhi. She strongly believes that all that this world needs is little more of love. She is an empathetic and compassionate member of the team who strives to create an inclusive emotional space around her. She wants to reach out to communities and individuals who have been suffering disproportionately in whatever capacity she can as a student.

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Anshaj Srivastav is pursuing B.Sc (hons) Mathematics from Shivaji College, University of Delhi. An honest, strong and hardworking member of the team who always wanted to work for the underprivileged weaker uneducated society. He is full of liveliness and he keeps the spirit of team high and motivates everyone around.

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Ishana is pursuing Mathematics Hons from Shivaji College, University of Delhi. She is extremely compassionate who is passionate about working for education and literacy of underprivileged community. She wants to give her contribution in upliftment of the nation. She wants to spread smile and love with her small actions of kindness and humanity and she believes that change starts from oneself

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Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh is pursuing B.A Philosophy hons from IPCW, University of Delhi. She is really an inquisitive member of the team who has intrinsic desire of serving people and being an element of change in the society. She is always keen to learn and explore more and wants to work for humankind in all her capacity.

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Ayush Krishna is pursuing his bachelors in transportation technology from NRTI, Vadodra. He believes firmly that a good intention and kind heart can do wonders. Keen learner and a perfect technical associate who always works at the backend to facilitate smooth execution of events onground.

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