Core Team Kolkata

SFC Kolkata Unit is intricately located amidst the heart of the ‘City of Joy’ –Kolkata, aspiring consistently to bring about the wave of change that will revolutionize the whole nation someday! The unit is focused on brightening the lives of those people who just want their basic needs fulfilled. The Youth of Kolkata has always been famous for their unconventional ways in terms of dealing with social stigmas, barriers and societal injustice and thus, continuing this legacy forward, the Kolkata team has pledged to bring a new era for the city so that tomorrow most of the children and youth imbibe the feelings of empathy, kindness and altruism via different awareness programs and events. No efforts are being spared by the team in building this enticing era where the joys of the city are revived and made equal for all. The motto of the team is taken from the most well renowned poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore – “Jodi Tor Dak Shune Kau Na Ashe Tobe Ekla Cholo Re” – In order to bring change and see change, you start walking alone and before you know it thousands shall follow!

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Srishti is a fun loving, practical and hardworking person. She loves reading novels, with a special weakness for thrillers and suspense! She is also artistically interested in drawing and painting which she does whenever she gets time out of her busy schedule. A person with a never give up attitude, she works diligently towards serving the community.

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Oindrila is a happy go lucky altruist who believes that ‘Charity begins at Home’. The girl who believes that education must be received in an honest way and thus even if you teach someone for a day don’t teach something wrong rather learn yourself first and then teach. Her motto is to spread psychological awareness among all and make sure that everyone receives education for free. Her hobbies include writing, teaching and trekking.

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Being a shy artist and creative writer, Prerana spends most of her days trying to make the best out of all her endeavours. Her zeal is to take Project Gyan to newer heights and to make sure that the underprivileged and needy people receive quality education in an honest way. She loves gardening and her plants mean the world to her! She has always been a staunch socialist who enjoys contributing to the society in all possible ways.

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Dhansree is a dedicated writer and photographer, who loves drawing Mandalas and is a humble and genuine person. She spends most of her time trying to figure out all the aspects of society which require change and is a true humanitarian at heart. She spends most of her time in arranging, coordinating and helping the entire team just like a backbone.

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A charismatic yet practical young man who has aspirations to build a safer, greener and pollution free environment for all living things. Being an animal lover himself, Sayandeep, takes out time to feed stray animals and serve the society in all ways possible. Being a tech savvy addict, he also plays a vital role as the Kolkata unit’s Technical Head. He loves to travel, play football and go to the gym.

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