⦁ The prime objective is to elevate the society by focusing on the education of not only slum children but also women or senior citizens.
⦁ To contribute towards eradication of illiteracy and beacon the youth in the dark through education.
⦁ To inculcate the ethics into the people to make the world a better place to live in. ⦁ To contribute towards the environmental conservation as well as animal protection and inculcate the love and care towards both the Mother Earth as well as it’s one of the important – Fauna part.
⦁ To organize campaigns and drives to create awareness among the people towards environment, social evils, poverty, etc.


Vision & Mission

⦁ To enlighten the children of slum areas with basic education.
⦁ To encourage and popularize the voluntary work. 
⦁ To engage the youth in productive tasks for the welfare of the society. 
⦁ Upliftment of underprivileged children and weaker sections of the society.
⦁ Empowerment of the women in all aspects.
⦁ To inculcate the ethics and values and love into the hearts of Youth towards Mother Earth and its Human Beings, Flora, Fauna as well as Nature.