Ekawali Singh

Founder, Director & Editor-in-Chief

A Perfectionist at everything she lays her hands on, Ekawali is an indispensable block in building SFC. Not only a leader but also a doer, Ekawali has always been a Social Worker since her childhood. Her modest heart and ever helping nature makes her a class apart. Ekawali once said, “While I was talking to a small boy about his dreams, he exclaimed with joy that his biggest dream is to get new books and this moved my heart. I earnestly wanted to help those kids whose wonderland gets shattered due to these indigent conditions!”
And this pulled Ekawali to such an extent that she strived relentlessly, and founded SFC Foundation, a platform to encourage and popularise voluntary work amongst youth for the welfare of the society. With her undying spirit and dauntless determination, Ekawali took SFC from Tricity to PAN India and has made ample Projects with her highly devoted team for different categories of people. Her vision is to create a society where every woman is self-sufficient and every child is cultured and this is what the substratum of SFC Foundations.

Aashna Gupta

Managing Director

Aashna, with her impeccability and passion secures a high administrative position as a Managing Director in SFC Foundations. Being a debonair, she has a keen desire and passion to serve the society. Elated by nature and efficacious by work, she justifies her personality and the definition of an actual leader. She is an essential part of the NGO beyond her position in the NGO and is a helping hand in all the matters concerned to the NGO. Sorted but sober by nature, she has a fire within her along with a warm heart for the society.