Dhansree Vakharia

Editorial Writer

Mark Twain has beautifully depicted the importance of self-approval by his quote “A man can’t be comfortable without his own approval”. People often seek approval about their lives from their parents, families, friends and sometimes even from their co-workers and the society they live in. However, some people tend to seek more approval than others. The sole reason behind this is that they lack approval from within themselves and try to compensate for it by seeking it from others. But it is a fact that one cannot be comfortable without approval from within. If a person is uncomfortable about his own life, then there isn’t a way one would find to be comfortable. No one can be in a happy space without being comfortable about themselves.  However, there is no harm listening to others, but one shouldn’t give the control of their own life to others. Instead, one should listen to everyone, but should do whatever they are comfortable in and what their heart says.

  A person having difficulty getting approval from within should look within itself and analyze the reasons behind this difficulty. It is often seen that the reason behind the disability of self-approval has its roots back in the childhood days of a person. If one figures it out and finds out the reason, it can be easier to find the mental peace which is very much required for self-approval. Once one is at mental peace and can give oneself approval, the more comfortable one is in their upcoming ventures and in their life ahead. Besides the trauma of early days, the feeling of being unworthy also restricts one from approving its own actions. There are many people who don’t approve their success and achievement because of the fact that they feel they are unworthy of the achievement. A person tends to give less importance to other’s opinions and approval about themselves, when they find comfort in being themselves. When one can get self-approval, one gets the courage to achieve anything in life. Self-approval also gives us the independence to fail and learn some great lessons of life.

Knowing and understanding oneself as a person is a complex yet beautiful process. It helps to understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides an opportunity to get rid of beliefs that are of no use. Thus, it helps one to accept and approve of oneself. Approval of our own self and our actions is significantly important to be at mental peace.