The project SAMPURAN, meaning ‘total & complete’ in English, was initiated by our Foundation to address several significant issues in our society. Sampuran is the steadfast project of our foundation, working towards a holistic development in order to deliver real fruits to the needy ones. The sole aim of our project is to reduce Poverty and Stereotypical rigid perceptions and help in Women empowerment , Public Health, Rural Development. From organizing Waste Management drives to carrying out donation drives, we never miss any opportunity to turn one man’s waste into another man’s gold. Be it visiting old age homes, or spreading awareness for protection of environment and cleanliness, our volunteers always pledge to serve the needy oens to the utmost so that the lost hopes among them can still be revived. Women are the real architects of our society and our Foundation always stands for them, addressing issues related to the Women Rights and their health by organizing awareness events like mensuration drives etc. Sampuran’s vision is of a society where every individual is able to realize her/his potential and lead a life of dignity.


3rd July, 2020
International Plastic Bag Free Day.
On the occasion of International Plastic Bag Free Day, SFC Foundationswe urge people not use use plastic bags. Opt for a better alternative i.e. Cotton Cloth bags.
Say no to single use plastic.
Bring your own. Sew your own. Make your own cotton bag because there is no such thing as “Away”. When we throw anything away it must go “Somewhere”
Let’s celebrate Plastic Bag Free day.

Thank you for participating in our campaign. Thank you for helping us in making this earth a better place.
Accept the heartiest thank you from our team.