There are many battles to fight – rural development, poverty alleviation, primary education, nature conservation, human rights and more. Want to be one of these warriors? Come, join our SFC Foundation’s internship program i.e a ONE MONTH tenure Internship Program where you can invest your free time and work on your flexible schedules with us. Certain tasks would be assigned to the interns during this internship, which may include teaching the poor children, visiting old age homes, donation drives, awareness events, health check-ups etc.
Due to pandemic situations, SFC hasn’t taken a back seat and has designed its ‘Virtual Internship Program’ where people can be a part of various online – held tasks. Volunteers and Non-volunteers took part in the Virtual Internship very enthusiastically and made it a huge success.
On the completion of all the tasks the interns would be entitled to:-
⦁ Certificate of Internship
⦁ Letter of Recommendation.
⦁ Awards and Medals
⦁ Higher Recruitment
It’s a unique platform to create a positive change in the lives of people who are suffering around us. So, go ahead and fill up the form.