Who is a CORE TEAM?
Our core team is a group of leaders who have a dual responsibility; they are responsible for the project achieving its goals and they are responsible to ensure that the project has successfully rendered it’s objectives. From organising events to directing new Campaigns, the core team is tirelessly Reviving Lives.
SFC Foundations- CHD is the mother branch of SFC Foundations. The core team of ‘city beautiful’ not only manage the blog stunningly, but are also actively handling all the social media sites and Website. They are continuously striving to strengthen our roots and to make a huge difference in the society.

SFC Foundations -Delhi is our fresh unit, which aims to work for the upliftment of underprivileged communities and individuals who are suffering disproportionately through their projects and awareness campaigns. SFC Foundations- Delhi Core Team strongly believes on values like inclusivity, compassion, unity to bring a positive change in the society.