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Anushka Muley, a Resident of Indore is pursuing Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Choithram College, Indore. She believes in writing something that can influence people to stand for the underpriviledged ones.

Feminist aren’t Anti-Men

Actress Emma Watson, during her speech at UN said, “How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation?”

Feminism is the belief that people of all genders should have equal rights. It is a fight against misogyny, patriarchy and the traditional values which have oppressed women for ages. Everyone is aware of the fact that society has been and still is extremely unfair to women but only some of them accept it and a very few of them raise their voices.

Feminism is a movement to uplift women and not to bring down men. People especially men are often seen criticising feminists as they think that they are against men. This mentality is not something new or different. Whenever the oppressed gets a voice, the oppressor feels threatened. There has been no feminist in the history who has harmed men. They don’t hate men, they hate the violence, oppression and inequalities faced by women due to men.

Feminists also fight for men’s issues like faulty upbringing, not being allowed to express their emotions and be vulnerable, higher suicide rates among men, gay rights etc. But this often go unnoticed. If we try to understand more deeply about why men have such a negative image about feminists, we can narrow it down to one word- Patriarchy. Patriarchy has taught them that they are superior than women in all ways, it has taught people not to care about the problems of women and it has also taught women not to raise their voice. Society can only function properly when there is a balance. Feminism is all about trying to make it happen.

Men can only understand feminism when they understand how power dynamics work and much damage society has done to women especially in a country like India. It is extremely important to accept that male privilege does exist. This is not an opinion but a fact. The question that arises here is how can men feel ‘unsafe’ when women can’t even walk on the streets at night, they don’t have excess to proper hygiene, they face domestic violence, are pressurised for dowry, high rape rates are prevalent in the world, illiteracy rates are high among women especially in third world countries, female infanticide is extremely common is India and the list goes on. Men are not ‘victims’ of feminism. Women are victims of patriarchy and feminists are just trying to empower them and stop all violence against them.

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