Ishita Gaur

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She is pursuing B.Com LLB(Hons.) from Punjab University. She loves to read and write. She aims to become a better version for herself. Her go to motto is “be like a flower, unassuming despite all its qualities.”

No Tears in the Writer, No Tears in the Reader

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” ~ Robert Frost

Everybody assumes that writing is a creative piece of art made up of words. I believe it is a mix of imitation and inspiration and in the current scenario, many of it is plagiarism. Writing can be anything, an enlightening essay on various topics to the lyrics of a song; it is in the articles and the poems. It is the imitation of emotions we feel and experiences we all have and sometimes, someone is deft enough to articulate those emotions in such a beautiful way that we all connect with it. Words are beautiful to play with, they can make you feel anything and when these words drive emotions out of you, they become powerful. The words have the power tie you up in an ineffable grasp, and all of it rests on the ink of the writer’s pen.

The words must establish a connection with you; it can be an old memory or a once-felt emotion, a thought, or a sensation. This can only happen if your words permeate through the hearts of the readers. To achieve that, words must be authentic. To strike a chord with someone, the words should come from the heart. Either that or one must be blessed with the talent to mimic strong sensations and express them seamlessly on a piece of paper or a document of a laptop.

Writing is a powerful instrument to influence and guide a person’s thoughts and emotions. For instance, when one reads a tragic story, it teases emotions out of the reader. The reader leaves his/her world and enters into another, they try to think from the character’s point of view, feel their emotions and share their pain. It establishes a beautiful relationship between the character and the reader and the reader can connect with someone outside his circle.

This is the reason why when the writer cries, reader cries; when they laugh, the reader laughs and when they love, the reader feels the same affection. It is an exquisite connection which keeps the literature alive.

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