“Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.” -Barack Obama.

Climate refers to the usual weather that should be prevalent in a place for a particular period. Weather can change on a daily basis. It can be sunny today and can be cloudy tomorrow but the climate does not change on a daily basis. If we talk about tropical regions we consider them to have a hot and humid climate. Likewise, if we talk about polar regions we consider them to be cold and icy.

Change in climate is one of the serious issues that the world is dealing with right now. A few causes of climate change are deforestation, emission of harmful gases, manufacturing goods, generation of power and electricity etc.

One another reason that joins the above list is agriculture. A common man might consider farming and agriculture to be innocent and blameless. However, modern farming techniques involve chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. that seriously damage soil, water, climate, and the food itself.

The agriculture and forestry sector contribute between 13% and 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions of nitrous oxide and methane make up over half of total greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. We are well aware of the harm that greenhouse gas does to our earth’s climate, human health, air quality and wildlife.

“Farming isn’t a battle against nature but a partnership with it. It is respecting the basics of nature in action and ensuring that they continue.” We cannot go against farming completely as it nourishes our basic needs. However, we can ensure that sustainable agriculture is practiced more. This requires the farmers, government, industries and various agricultural organizations to come together and protect mother nature so that we can hand on a planet with rich resources to our upcoming generations.

We need to keep in mind that there is no second Earth. Nature has often given us wake-up calls to value it and not to destroy it more. Now the ball lies in our court and the sooner we pay heed to this critical issue, the better it will be for us and the forthcoming generations.