Divay kathuria

Animals are widely used for scientific experiments to test various types of drugs. In 1997 Dr Jay Vacanti and his team grew an ear on the back of a mouse. The experimentation causes severe pain to animals and affect their quality of life. How can it be right to use an animal for research when it is considered unethical to use humans for scientific research? If causing harm to a person is unacceptable then inflicting same harm upon animals should be unacceptable.
In the 17th century, animals were considered as incapable of suffering but with progress in time understanding has improved and they are considered capable of feeling pain and pleasure. Therefore, animals and people are alike in many ways so animals should be treated with same respect as humans but still animals rights are violated by using them in research without choice. Secondly, it causes harm to animals and the benefits to human beings are not worth the harm caused. When animals are used in research they are subjected to painful and frequently deadly experiments. Animal testing is beneficial only when results are valid and it can be applicable to human beings and any benefits that animal testing provides could be produced from any other scientific method. Various alternatives are available without the use of animals in research.
Thus, animals are creation of god just like human beings so their lives should be respected because they also have inherent right to be treated with dignity. So, experimenting on animals should be acceptable if and only if suffering is minimized in all experiments and human benefits are gained which could not be gained from any other method. The model of refinement, reduction and replacement should be followed to reduce the impact of research on animals. The number of animals used in experiments should be reduced, alternatives for animal testing should be find out and animal suffering should be reduced by improving the way animals are cared for. Animal testing should be conducted while keeping in view dignity of animals. Animals should be treated with respect and dignity and this right to decent treatment should not be upheld.