Drishti Dhawan

“Being homosexual is no more abnormal than being lefthanded.” says Abhijit Naskar which in true sense reflects that being a part of LGBTQ community is very normal and should be perhaps very normal for the society.

Even after such medical and technological advancements in the current arena, society has failed to provide equal rights, let go normalizing the topic in future. LGBT people continue to face real discrimination every single day from job interviews to joining army. No law prevents a person from being fired or refused a job based on their sexual orientation.

The research found that LGBT people who experience domestic abuse, stalking or physical abuse and sexual violence may face specific barriers to accessing services from the concerned authorities or negligence by family and friends.

Cultural barriers typically relate to the knowledge and skills of service providers thus include a lot of factors such as lack of understanding and awareness of distinct experiences of different types of abuse of LGBT people another maybe relying on myths and stereotypes which can contribute to misunderstanding or minimising the risk experienced by LGBT people and lastly lack of awareness of the spectrum of sexual and gender identities and sexual orientations making it a difficult task to normalize the rights of the LGBT.

Creating a diversity inclusion program is one way of helping LGBT and other diverse members everywhere feel welcome and comfortable at every aspect of life. A well-run inclusion program should support LGBT individuals in the workplace by offering workshops, training and support from both management and HR. The overall goal of inclusion is to make LGBT employees feel safe and like an integral part of a company.

Organisations and other companies can also collaborate with outside LGBT organizations and charities and encourage employees to participate in events sponsored by these organizations.

A more diverse and open workplace will increase creativity, which will lead to innovation and new ideas.

As the world becomes more accepting and understanding of the LGBT community, people expect businesses and schools to do and promote the same. Companies who work towards change to create a more acceptable and tolerant environment will gain the respect and loyalty of employees. While there is still a lot of work ahead, there are is an impressive number of companies that understand that equality is good for business.