Webinar session on VET TALK- Animal lives matter!

SFC Foundations JLD in collaboration with Dr. Amanpreet Singh Bhatti, a well renowned veterinary doctor, conducted a webinar session on “VET TALK- Animal lives matter” on 2 May 2021 (Sunday).   The main objective of this webinar was to make people aware of various know-about of facts about animals. The webinar witnessed participation of around 100+ attendees, comprising of students and some faculty members of both the teams.
The webinar started with the welcome address from SFC Foundations – Jalandhar. The webinar started with general facts about animals and their health. Given the present COVID situation and summers, participants asked various doubts regarding nutrition, immunity, psychology of dogs. Many myths pertaining to the same were proven wrong, given the speaker’s expertise in the field
Finally, the discussion was routed to a Q&A session wherein students put forward their queries, and each of their queries was extensively deliberated upon.
The session ended on a high note by Mr. Gurparas, Director at SFC Foundations, giving the vote-of-thanks to the guest speaker and to all the faculty members along with the participants who joined the webinar. “Having only the beliefs of Animal Welfare isn’t enough, actions also matter”, said Mr. Kartvaya, Vatavarn Head at SFC.