STORYNAMA- अनमोल किस्से ज़िन्दगी के
WHY THIS CAMPAIGNThis campaign is designed with an aim to teach the underprivileged kids, moral values and life skills through the means of stories. Stories that would teach them honesty, compassion, importance of education, to respect elders, to never be greedy, hardwork, respect and love for animals, importance of sports and and many such values. The kids living in the slums do not have that much access to the adequate resources that can provide activity based learning to them. We are the one who can and who should come forward and take the charge of inculcating in them the moral values and life lessons.Stories are always impactful in the way kids connect and relate to it and the lessons learned will last longer.

HOW WILL THIS HAVE AN IMPACT?We are going to play these recorded stories among the children of slum areas for whom we work in Chandigarh, Delhi and Jalandhar.This campaign is designed so that the kids can learn through stories which are not available in books so that they can do better in their lives. Story collection of Storynama is designed with an aim to have long lasting impact on kids. In future, they should be able to make decisions in different situation