Activity 1


On the 28th of May, 2021 SFC Foundations Delhi launched a ‘Gender Sensitization Campaign’ until the 30th of May, 2021. The first activity organized under the campaign was a ‘Bingo on Common Gender Stereotypes.’ The initiative brings people from all walks of life together by uniting them through the expression of the stereotypes they have been through.  

To partake in the ‘Bingo,’ participants had to make use of an attached template to tick off the things they have heard or witnessed and upload it on their Instagram story. Further, they were asked to tag the official Instagram account of SFC Foundations and nominate their friends to do the same.

The activity aimed to impart the relevance of shattering Gender Stereotypes among the masses and create awareness about an urgent need to break them.  People enthusiastically participated in it by sharing their experiences through the ‘Bingo’. Overall, the activity was observed to be interactive with participants seemingly shattering the existing stereotypes by actively taking part in it.

Activity 2


‘A letter to Sharma Ji: A Message to the Society,’ online activity as a part of our campaign on ‘Gender Sensitization’ organised by SFC Foundations Delhi was held from 31st May 2021 to 8th Of June, 2021. The purpose of the activity was to address the existing gender stereotypes and further inspire the masses to shatter them.

To partake in the activity, participants had to make use of an attached template to write a letter addressed to the society and mail it to SFC Foundations. The essence of the initiative was kept intact by giving them a choice to choose from bilingual forms of expression. Later, the best entries were posted on the official Instagram account of SFC Foundations.

The zeal of participants to express their experiences of being subjected to stereotypical behaviour and the effort to break through them provided a very relevant message to the people. All in all, the response was overwhelming and it concluded to be an interesting activity filled with exuberance and enthusiasm.

Activity 3


As a part of the campaign on “Gender Sensitisation”, SFC Foundations Delhi

launched a week-long comeback challenge, “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge” starting 11th

June, 2021 on Instagram.

It was the third activity in line to be organised and was designed with the

purpose of actively questioning the deep-rooted stereotypes that our society is

home to. The underlying idea behind the exercise was to instil a sense of

cognizance bearing in mind that even in a developing nation like India, gender

roles are immutable and unchallenged by a large chunk of the population.

In order to participate in the activity, participants had to drop in their responses

(comebacks to some of the most popular stereotypical statements in not more

than 50 characters) in the answer box attached in the stories uploaded on our

official Instagram handle.

This initiative was very well-received by the audience and people fervently

partook in it by sharing their facetious ripostes in response to the problematic

platitudinal statements that have become a part of the Indian Society.

To have a glimpse of the campaign, visit our Instagram page: