SFC Foundations launched a campaign “एक दिया सबके नाम” – सबकी दिवाली HAPPY बनाओ in Diwali 2020 which was executed from 5th November to 20th November. Aim of the campaign was to buy festival items from the local vendors to revive their lives and make their diwali also a happy one. Youth from Delhi, UP, Chandigarh and Jalandhar became part of the campaign. 40 people participated in the campaign and we got 70 happy pictures  of youth buying from local vendors and supporting them. Count does not really matter but the sensitivity towards the cause is what matters. It’s time for us to go vocal for the locals and hence being a part of the campaign is one small step towards the cause and we value all the participation and love. Big things often have small beginnings and it is our first step towards inclusive society.