Greetings of the day✨

Are you ready to celebrate the uniqueness of your father? Ready to make him feel special on this Father’s Day?
Come in. Join us 🙂
Our fathers are very special to all of us. Father’s Day is that one special day which comes every year to celebrate the role fathers in your life. It can look different for everyone, whether you’re celebrating your father, spouse, step-father, brother, or a role model.✨
So, let’s give a special gift to our fathers on the very occasion of Father’s Day by honoring and celebrating the men in your life!
We bring to you all ‘THE REAL SUPERHERO
#LuckyToCallYouDad’ to celebrate your love for your father with a greater zeal and enthusiasm.
So, why wait for it and lets begin!!
 How to participate?
Complete the following tasks and let’s get started!
Activity 1-Recreating Old Memories:
In this task each participant is suppose to make a reel with their father which will refresh a memory of their father’s childhood and which will make him relive his old memories.
Make Diary Entry: Under this task, the participants are requested to write something for/on their Father. Express your love, affection, gratitude, respect for him by pouring your heart over a pamphlet provided to you. 
🌼 Activity 2- Father’s Day special Bingo:
Mark a tick against each of the trait that you have inherited from your father. Ranging from being a funny to a person who takes all the responsibilities on his/her shoulders you need to post the bingo on your social media handle (Instagram preferably) and tag sfc_foundations. You further need to tag 2 of your friends to do the same. Isn’t it great
Last Date: 20 June, 2021( till 12 p.m.) 
Where to send the entires?
Send your creatives to the below mentioned contact numbers-
1. Ridhima Goyal(coordinator): +91 96462 01706
2. Srishti (Coordinator): +91 94665 06148
What are the Perks?
Appreciation card would be given to all the participants.
In the end, you’re the one who knows your dad best. You’ll know what he will appreciate more than anyone. So, we hope it gave you the needed inspiration to get you started!
With best regards
SFC Foundations-Chandigarh