SFC is engaged in various Social and Community Development programs aimed for the benefit of Poor and Needy Women, Older People, Children of our society. Our objective is not only to eradicate illiteracy among weaker sections of the society but also to levy the foundation for Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Development and Human rights.

Our core philosophy has its bedrock in Education as we believe, it is the only weapon which can change the World and the best way to make this Grand change is imparting education to the building block of our society i.e. Our Children, hence we ensure that each child gets access to these opportunities. However the complete eradication of illiteracy will happen only by educating the Women and Elder Folks, so we have devoted special Programs for them. Our Vision and Missions are fulfilled wholeheartedly by our utmost core values, and intense dedication and commitment of our Team.

But as We all know, Vision alone is not enough, so combining it with it with venture, we have our two main projects- Gyan & Sampuran which are the foot of our Working Model. The education imparted to the lesser fortunate is covered under Project Gyan. And all the other crucial issues are dealt under Project Sampuran like visiting old age homes, or organizing donation drives or awareness campaigns. And to conquer huge development challenges, we have a colossal pool of Interns and Volunteers, who are pivotal members of our Foundation. When like-minded people come together with common aspirations great results can be achieved and SFC has become the platform of success due to such devoted people only.