Aastha has a charming personality alongwith the blend of excellent decision making skills and to bind all the forces altogether. Her aura inspires all the other Heads, Coordinators and the whole team to work for the society and to continue doing noble deeds

Gurleen Singh

All the qualities that a leader requires, Gurleen Singh has shown that he possesses them all. Being a hardworking, creative and an optimistic person,he is devoted to help as many people as he can. His exceptional personality creates a positive aura that inspires the others to work towards making the world a remarkable place to live in.


Himanshu is a noble, enthusiastic and an inspiring Head of Project Gyan of SFC Foundations. He is committed towards providing education and knowledge to the people. Setting benchmarks for everyone, he accomplishes every task incredibly and spectacularly.


Swapnil is an honourable, up-standing and an innovative leader with a charming personality who never stops doing good deeds. He is an outstanding and honest man. His ‘out of the box’ thinking makes him an incredible fit for Project Sampuran.


A leader with a heart overflowing with care , kindness, empathy and compassion, Kartavya leaves everyone astound. His love, heart-warming selflessness and generosity towards animals, nature and humankind makes him 'a perfect fit ' for the Project Vatavaran.

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