Core Team Chandigarh

SFC Foundations was started primarily in Chandigarh in 2018 and hence, the ‘City Beautiful’ is the Mother branch of SFC Foundations.
From organising events to directing new campaigns, the Chandigarh unit is tirelessly reiving Lives with its diligent core team! Moreover, our Chandigarh unit is also running SFC’s blog stunningly.

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Disha is a quick-witted personality and a perfect combination of decisiveness and persistence. As an amicable leader , she has the ability to bind all the forces of SFC altogether. She is always known for her sincerety and rationality

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She accomplishes every task with great passion and commands respect for her intense devotion to SFC. Her persuasive personality adds charm everywhere. She's a master of infusing vivacious optimism into any event that she's a part of.

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She is a versatile personality and happy go round person who is always curious to learn and try out new things.

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He's known for his never giving attitude. This brilliant leader of our NGO is an epitome of dignity and commitment. he never leaves any stone unturned to stand by his words. Moreover, the versatile boy is a store house of enthusiasm and determination.

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With full devotion, she pulls out all the stops to make the organisation to reach its heights. Moreover, she's a passionate leader who sets a perfect example to deal with most ardous tasks

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