SFC Foundations-CHD in collaboration with Ms. Rohini Ravee Ramanathan the founder of Quest For Eco, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about environmental sustainability on “ZERO WASTE LIVING FOR BEGINNERS”on 15, April, 2021 ( Saturday ). It is a movement to reduce the amount one consumes and consequently throws away, thereby, making choices to combat acquiring things that are wasteful or end up in trash. The Aim of this session to raise awareness for Sustainable Living concerns and to encourage sustainable consumption for a healthy lifestyle and environment. The webinar witnessed participation of around 100+ attendees, comprising of students and some faculty members of both the teams.
The webinar started with the welcome address given by Srishti Garg , Coordinator of Project Vatavarn and Ishimta Marya, Senior Coordinator of Project Vatavarn, SFC Foundation – Chandigarh.The importance of sustainable products and 4R’s – Recycle, Reuse and Reuse was discussed in order to maintain sustainable living. ” Avoid micro plastics; carry your own Metal Cutlery and avoid single use plastic ” – were some of the suggestions given by Ms. Rohini, in addition to of not using ready-to-throw things that end up becoming trash. 

Finally, the discussion was routed to a Q&A session wherein students put forward their queries and each of their queries was extensively deliberated upon.The session ended on a high note with Srishti Garg , giving the vote-of-thanks to the guest speaker and to all the faculty members along with the participants who joined the webinar.