Yoga for Youth Empowerment : Breaking Myths ; Embracing Reality

(Indradhanush Event : Day – 3)

Activity storyboard

SFC foundation- Chandigarh had organised a webinar with Miss Kalpana Tyagi, who is a renowned yoga instructor to motivate the participants to perform yoga. In the webinar the participants were enlightened about the various benifit of yoga. 

April 7, 2021

Key highlights of the activity

The participants with their great zeal showed an excellent response with the yoga instructor. It was both the instructor along with the participants who performed various yoga postures together. At the end of the webinar the participants had an interactive session with the yoga instructor thereby clearing all the doubts and various myths about yoga. 

Learnings/Takeaways from the activity

Day 3 has taught the participants the importance of yoga in our day to day lives. Also during the covid – 19 times whereby we are all restricted to our homes, yoga is one of the best physical activity that one can engage in.Attachments area