Vaibhav Goyal

Editorial Writer

He’s Vaibhav, a student of BA. LLB in Punjab University. He has chosen this field to create a reform in this society. He wishes to do his Post-Graduation in the field of Criminal Law and is preparing to join the Civil Services too.


“Without labor, nothing prospers”  -Sophocles

Hard labor is a way to progress in life. Nothing can be accomplished without Hard labor. Work, work, ever work, is a great panacea. Consistent watchfulness and readiness to work is the price we need to pay for our accomplishments in our life. Work is joy and a benefit; idleness is opulence that none can afford. Life is filled with hardships. Work is the “Law of Nature” that is essential for existence. An existence of inaction is an existence of disgrace and shame. Idle individuals are a burden on this society. We are enriched with physical and mental power, which are intended to be appropriately used for hard work. Disappointment in life is generally because of idleness.

Eminence can be accomplished by extraordinary labor only. What an individual acquires by the perspiration of his efforts and labor gives him a more noteworthy level of fulfillment than what he gets by a stroke of fortune. A person wishes many things to achieve throughout one’s life. Some of them might be achieved by fortune, however, to achieve all of the same, one has to contribute hard labor and efforts in the same direction. During one’s lifetime, a particular individual is respected for one’s timely use of body and mind for the society, and after one’s death, one is remembered by individuals by one’s personality. Nobody on earth leaves a name to posterity without real work. Without a doubt, one should do such things in life that motivate others.

Determination ensures accomplishment. Without hard labor, it is preposterous to be special and accomplish something which one dreams of achieving in life. Indeed, even the individuals who fail at their first attempt succeeds for continuous hard work. hard labor assists us in succeeding in all directions, it takes a beginner to become a professional. Without hard labor, development is absurd. Individuals in the 21st century need pictures, thoughts, and literature to continually propel themselves towards motivation. While doing this we forget that inspiration and energy come from hard work. Hard work and the feeling that comes along will help you stay positive for a longer period.

Hard work is the sole answer to your questions when you ask them to people who have to succeed in life. One must avail every chance one gets in life to succeed. Yet, the thumb rule is to never leave determination. Hard labor makes one physically and mentally strong. Determination gives one the ability to strive more in your 24 hours and keeps you away from normal health issues. Hard labor is perhaps the main thing in life as it assists us with being more confident. If one will strive hard and just stay focused on one’s objectives, then, one will surely achieve them. Buckling down with full determination consistently pushes one stride ahead throughout life and assists one to perform at one’s full capacity.

Consequently, there is no easy route to progress. Hard labor is simply a key to accomplish every dream; it trains us to discipline, devotion, and determination.

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