Anushka Muley

Editorial Writer

This proverb fits perfectly well in today’s world. In simple words, it means that a person who is easily influenced by others is very likely to be mislead. Such people don’t just get themselves into trouble but also to other people around them. These kind of people face problems on both personal and social level. For example, they can face any loss because they trust people without reasoning. On the social level, when people are extremely opinionated about something or favour a particular thing to the point that they will believe everything that supports their biases,  they won’t bother to differentiate between right and left or correct themselves. If they are told that their belief or ideology is in danger they won’t fact check or try to see the truth. This is why such people bring danger to society. It becomes extremely easy to mislead such group of people. Nowadays, we see this happens everyday. This is how people start believing in superstitions and fake news.

That’s the reason why rational thinking and open mindedness is extremely important. People need to overcome their prejudices. Fact checking, questioning everything, and then drawing a conclusion is what makes a person responsible. Reading, educating oneself on different matters, talking to different groups of people and listening to their problems makes a person more rational and by this way, they cannot be mislead by powerful people or taken advantage of.