Dhansree Vakharia

Editorial Writer

Unity in Diversity, a phrase that is often used to signify unity despite differences based on caste, race, culture, religion, ideology, language and so on. “United we stand, divided we fall” specifies the importance of unity. It simply means that if we are united together, we can overcome all the difficulties. However if we give importance to our differences and stay divided, we won’t be able to achieve anything. India is one of the greatest examples of unity in diversity with around 22 major languages and 120 minor languages and many religions. Despite all these differences, India portrayed itself as one of the best examples of unity in diversity, right from the 1900s, when Indians from every corner of the country united themselves and fought for the freedom of the country. Indians were able to taste freedom only because they stood united whole as “Indians” and not distinguished as ‘Hindus’, ‘Muslims’, ‘Christians’, or of any other religions. The story of unity in diversity in India is much more than ordinary and it helps us to convey a message that the nation is above all religions and cultures.

India is a vast country with different geographical landforms. From mountains in the North to plateaus in the South, there is a huge difference in the geographical features, and even in the people who reside there. Their food habits, cultures, languages, religions- everything is different. Sometimes, these differences are often witnessed in the same state but despite these, the people of India have been living together in peace for centuries now. The main reason behind this is that every religion, language, culture, opinion is given equal importance. A temple and a dargah can be found in the same neighborhood. All the festivals in India are celebrated with equal enthusiasm by people of different cultures.

Unity in Diversity is of the biggest strengths of any country. It uplifts the quality of teamwork among people with diverse backgrounds. Working with people of diversified backgrounds also provides a great opportunity for exposure. It builds a sense of respect for different opinions from different people and even helps to build a mutual respect. It even makes a person tolerant of the indifferences. These qualities help people to bond stronger and build a strong base of trust among themselves. The quality of unity in diversity is often found effective in solving social disputes and establishing a peaceful harmony, allowing people from different races, religions, cultures to live peacefully together.