On the occasion of Pride Month SFC Foundations Delhi organized

“The Sky is Pink”, an Instagram live session with Dr. Shubham Aggarwal, a prolific speaker on gender and sexual diversity.

The main topic of the event was Understanding Sexual Diversity and Unlearning Heteronormativity. The event was conducted twice on demand, once on 24th June from 5:30pm and again on 26th June from 10:00pm.

Dr. Shubham Aggarwal is a doctor, traveller and writer. He has 2.5 years of working experience, with expertise in topics related to gender studies and sexual diversity.

He is an empathetic listener as well as a prolific speaker on these issues. Some of the areas covered in the session were acceptance of diversity, coming out, parents as the biggest power and support, fight against societal taboo and normalising the usage of LGBTQIA+ words and normalising the love.

The session was useful for many attendees as they got more acquainted with this section of the society and were in a more informed place to appreciate sexual and gender diversity among us.