The Joy of Giving 

Activity Storyboard

SFC Foundations – Chandigarh organised this activity to make the the kids around us happy by gifting something valuable to them because they deserve all the happiness. The participants were asked to gift the kids a stationary kit, set of books, a school bag, water bottle, notebooks, etc.  

April 11, 2021

Key heighlights of the activity

We received excellent responses from the participants for this activity. The participants gifted valuable items to the ones who deserve all the happiness i.e. children. This activity marked the end of our 7 days joyous celebration of Indradhanush – the blissfulness of 7 colours. 

Learnings / Takeaways from the activity*

Day 7 taught the participants that life is all about giving. The happiness that comes from gifing a valuable thing to others especially kids, is priceless.