Dhansree Vakharia

Editorial Writer

The Darkest Nights Produce the Brightest stars~ John Green

Many of us, have spent at least ten minutes staring at the sky at night by the end of the day. But very few of us would have noticed the fact the stars shine the brightest during the darkest nights. Have any of us ever wondered that why do these stars shine so bright when it’s too dark? Well, it is because of the night, the stars are visible to us. They are quite inconspicuous during the day. Stars shine the brightest during such nights giving us hope that things gradually become better during worse situations. In a general perspective, the night is often looked upon as a negative aspect, but if we change our perspective we will be able to witness the beauty of the sky illuminated with several sparkling stars. Similarly, it is during our hard times, we learn and improve which helps us to get better. Everything has an optimistic side, only if we focus on it. Instead of losing hope during dark times, if we embrace hardship and difficulties, we will be able to rise beyond these hardships . One must remember that without darkness there is no light. Darkness helps us to understand the importance of light in our life. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before inventing the light bulb. He always kept a positive attitude and had confidence in his abilities. He considered those 1000 attempts as his 1000 steps towards the invention of the light bulb. His different perspectives helped us get light in our lives. Many eminent personalities such as J.K Rowling, Elon Musk, and many more have embraced hardships and have used difficult situations to grow and learn.

During tough times, one must remember to be composed and use the failures as an opportunity considering those mistakes to be the stepping stones of success. Some of the things in life get encountered during uncanny situations. Once, you get through the hardships and pain, you will come out stronger and better than before. Giving up on situations and yourself is not the panacea but fighting against odds and keeping faith in your ability surely helps to embrace the hardship. We must not forget that success is not the destination we reach  but the path one goes through to achieve goals.

John C. Maxwell has correctly quoted “There is no success without failure”. In a similar context, there is no light without darkness. Sometimes our wrong choices can lead us to the right path. Our mind is too quick to judge a situation as good or bad based on past experiences. While focusing only on the negative aspects of a situation, we tend to ignore the hidden positives. In such situations, it will be helpful to us, if we can shift our focus from the negatives to see beyond the situation and realize the true value of it. This often leads to improvement and growth giving us a ray of light that better things are on their way . A person with a positive mindset often comes out victorious in such situations.

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