Pranoti Aich

Editorial Writer

“Employment is nature’s physician and is essential to human happiness.”  ― Galen

Who would have thought that working from home would become boring? Every single employee, especially in the IT sector always wanted to “Work from home”. But when the 2020 pandemic hit and this opportunity was served on a silver platter, employees screamed “We want to go back to the normal!”. This is a very good example of “Grass is always greener on the other side”. Even with the comfort of homes, people wanted to travel and work at a place away from their families. The above quote simply means – human happiness comprises many things. Having a purpose is what matters the most to human life!

Employment is one such opportunity everyone looks for. It challenges the human brain, and the results satisfy the thirst for purpose. Given the recent pandemic situation, many people were left with no jobs in hand. Why? Simply because there was nothing to be employed for. An example would be food delivery agents. People were scared and taking precautions to order food online, this led to a fewer number of orders and restaurants having to cut down their staff to make money. Since there was no demand for a product (in this case delivered food), there was unemployment (for the delivery persons). The same thing happened in most of the employment sectors and eventually, people were jobless. The demand reduced and people could not get a job in the fields they are experienced in. 

Now, the curse of joblessness in a very faint way could also mean that people are not ready for change. Many government & corporate agencies tried to upskill their employees, but the employees could not upskill themselves. So, these companies had to shed them and bring in new talent who was at least ready to get trained. This often leads to unemployment during non-pandemic times. In the end, many people also choose to be unemployed for the sake of their mental health. So, in case a survey is done, and the “Unemployment” rate comes higher than usual then it is possible that people are choosing to be unemployed, for example – housewives or older people. That doesn’t mean that they have no source of income, someone in the family is the bread earner for sure. 

Employment is essential to human happiness because it is a way to earn money and money makes things possible to live a life. Humans have been given a brain to use and having a job makes the best usage for it. The body needs a new environment now and then, a work-life allows it. But unemployment restricts these things and that’s why the concept of joblessness often relates to depression. Being unemployed could be due to many reasons, some general ones are mentioned above. Hence, in conclusion, the curse of being jobless is actually “Unemployment”.