Episode 1:

In coversation with: Bhavika Kalia.Ms. Bhavika is currently pursuing BA B.Ed from Panjab University. She was tested COVID-19 positive. She was quarantined at home. Her advice to our listeners: “In this tough time stay positive, wear masks and sanitize your hands regularly.”

Episode 2:

In conversation with: Kshama Tiwari“Don’t panic if you have Covid-19, just listen to the doctor, take the medications, isolate yourself and have a positive attitude. Stay safe.”Ms. Kshama is currently pursuing B. Pharmacy from Chitkara University. She and her family were tested COVID-19 positive in the month of may,2021. They all were quarantined at home. 

Episode: 3

In conversation with: Ms. Neha Sood“There was fear, stress and anxiety, but I was more scared for my parents, my grandparents and my little cousins”.Ms. Neha is a final year student of SD college, Chandigarh. She is the General Secretary and the website manager of the SFC Foundation (Chandigarh unit).Neha and her family were tested COVID-19 positive in the month of April, 2021. 

Episode: 4

In conversation with: Vishal“Don’t worry! Trust your doctors. This is just a phase. This too shall pass.”Mr. Vishal is a bank employee. He tested Covid-19 positive in the month of April, 2021. 

Episode: 5

In conversation with: Aditi“Rest, drink plenty of fluids, spend time reading and doing whatever you enjoy. In short, try to help in your improvement, not in getting worse.”Ms. Aditi is a college going student and a core member of SFC Foundations, Delhi Unit. She and her family tested Covid-19 positive. They took proper care and caution. 

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•Interviewer: Ishita Arora, Ishita Gaur and Ankit Mor (from Project Gyan, SFC Foundations Chandigarh)
•Video credits: Satnam Singh, Senior Coordinator (SFC Foundations Chandigarh)