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रुधिर: #YesIBleed

In India, despite the growing dialogue on the topic, talking about periods still makes people turn a shade of red that matches the bloodbath between women’s legs once a month. Hence, for changing this traditional behaviour and mindsets, SFC Foundations-CHD is launching a four days campaign to shatter the damaging stigmas surround menstruation and to create awareness about menstural health and hygiene.

How to be a part of रुधिर: #YesIBleed?This campaign will be covering the following activities, specially designed to create awareness and for disseminating much needed information to men and women, even tutoring them on how to talk to their children about the topic.

1. #Wombstories: My First Period Story-Under this we are inviting real life experiences of girls on their very first period. You can share your experience via a video or by writing it down on a paper. Express your encounter with period stigmas, Taboos etc in either way.

2. #DoodlewithUterus: Paint it Red-To amplify voices through Art, we are inviting creative doodles specially made centring female reproductive organ. Anyone can participate and use their imagination and creativity to express their voices and talk about their experience with menstruation, period poverty, endometriosis, PCOS, etc through Doodling Art.

3. #CelebratingCramps: Yoga for Period Relief: Webinar on “How to overcome Period Cramps?” on 21st June 2021 @3PM by Ms. Tyagi, founder of Holistic Health Yoga and a Certified Naturopath. She will be introducing some easy Yoga Asanas to relieve your period pain and cramps. (More details will be shared soon)

4. #Menstrupedia: Create a multi-purpose ‘E-book’ that’s educating all kinds of women about their own bodily processes. Share the information in a word document file at sfcfoundationschd@gmail.com

5. #SmashPeriodTaboo: In this activity, we will debunk some of the most widespread menstruation misconceptions on our social media handles. Stay tuned!

So, are you ready to part of this amazing Campaign?

Send your creative entries at:sfcfoundationschd@gmail.com

Or to Ishita Arora: +917888474873

Deadline: 22/06/2021

Perks:1. Participation certificate to all those who will perform atleast 3 of the activities mentioned above.

2. +1.5 hour incentive to SFC Volunteers.

3. Win a chance to get featured in our social media handles.

For more information,

contact: Priyanka Sharma (+91 81968 51660)

Join our fight to end period shame!

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s make it normal.