Name of session : Rangeen Sham Pride Ke Naam  

Date : 12/06/2021  

Speaker– : Ayesha Wadekar  

Time Started:2.30pm IST Ended:4.00pm IST  

Venue: Zoom  

Link :  

Number of participants :260


● To spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community  

● To remove stigmas about the LGBTQ+ community

Webinar was held on the occasion of pride month by SFC Foundation Mumbai in collaboration with  Satrangi cell of Maniben Nanavati Women’s College . This webinar took place on zoom and was  addressed by Ms Ayesha Wadekar . Ms Ayesha explained about the different identities that come under  the category of like pansexual, bisexual ,demisexual and nonbinary .  

The forum was opened discussion about how we would respond to different situations involving the  LGBTQ+ community . One of the core members of Satrangi made the participants play game to improve  our understanding of the LGBTQ+ community  

The webinar was ended by answering all the questions asked by the audience and one of the core  members of SFC Foundation extended their thanks to the speaker