SFC foundation-Jalandhar
Organised a webinar on PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND RAPE and this webinar was successful only because of one person
That is M/S Shefali Taneja the psychologist who has taught us the psychology behind rape.In this more than 100 students have participated.

In law, rape is defined as vaginal or anal penetration in the absence of lawful consent. However, the source of penetration (e.g., penis, finger, or objects), object of penetration (e.g., vagina, anal, or oral), gender of perpetrator, and victim and definition of consent varies greatly across jurisdictions.Rape is considered to have occurred when her consent has been obtained by (i) putting her (or any person in whom she is interested, e.g., children, close relatives) in fear of death or of hurt, (ii) the administration by him personally or through another of any stupefying or unwholesome substance (so-called “date-rape”)

The knowledgeable ☑️ points that she taught us are-⬇️
1-Meaning of psychology behind rape
2-Methods of rape
3-Reasons of rape
4-Types of rape
5-Rape Myths
6-Awareness among rape

Sending love and courage to all who are reading this