Dhansree Vakharia

Editorial Writer

Charles Darwin in his theory of evolution first emphasized the phrase “Survival of the fittest”. In this theory, he clearly states that if the resources don’t fulfil the requirement of the population there will be a hindrance to the survival of the population. This theory is very much relevant in today’s world with an increasing rate of population, there is a huge shortage of the necessary resources among the human population. To secure their survival humans have adopted several methods to increase their production by employing different scientific techniques. These methods have nullified most of our requirements issues but have come up with loads of environmental imbalance.

In a rapidly growing country like India which is also the second-most populous country in the world with a population rate of nearly +1%, there is a huge increase in urbanization and industrialization with an increasing population. The projected population of India has indicated that it will be the world’s most populated country by 2050. The increasing population has put the natural resources of India under immense pressure. This should be an alarm for us to opt for sustainable technology. From houses to technology, the demand graph has always grown upwards. To cope up with the required demands, we are constantly harming the environment, we have been cutting down trees for roads, clearing down forests for factories. The consequent increase in population in India has contributed to energy production and consumption to a greater extent. With each increasing number of vehicles on the roads, the level of air pollution is increased to such a greater extent, that it has resulted in a poor air quality index in many megacities of India. Besides, it has increased the fuel consumption, traffic jams and requirement of road construction to a huge number. Different kinds of wastes released from factories into water bodies have increased water pollution resulting in severe water-borne diseases. The widened gap between the demand and supply has degraded the quality of products. Vegetables and Fruits that are in huge demand are being produced at a faster rate by injecting chemicals whose consumption is harmful to us. The agricultural land in India is not enough to feed one person despite having a large cultivation area.

The rate of population is increasing and will continue to increase. For us humans, to exist for the long term on Earth, we must give importance to the protection of our environment, natural resources. Efforts should be given to educating people about environmental damage and how harmful it can be to us. We should make sure that everyone around us is encouraged to show dedication and effort towards our environment.