Lakshay Paruthi

This proverb is quite well known which arises a question that how is this possible? Unlike a sword, pen can’t be used to defend ourselves. The answer lies in the fact that it has always been the writings that have stored the prestige of history, and taught everyone to not repeat the same mistakes because doing that will be the biggest defeat in the process of changing ourselves.

History has been filled with wars and destructions caused by the sword of the fighters, but it was the pen held by the writers that had educated and informed the masses about the happenings in the world. The stores of information were the biggest contributors to the development of mankind. History has been filled with many examples. The victories of the sword were always short-lived but the writings, even those which are of centuries before still inspire and create awareness among the masses.

It was the pen that reached the hearts of the people. It was the pen that won the love, courage, and positivity of the masses, unlike the sword which only conquered through violence and created fear and hatred.

The pen has the ability to reach anywhere in the world. It transcends all the boundaries and can create inspiration even in the smallest minds. It raises the voice of the people against the injustice faced by them and inspires them to take the stand against the tyranny of the powerful. 

Literature helps to build one’s character. The knowledge written by the pen is priceless and without it, if the world was still ruled by the sword, we would not have achieved this much success and the era of peace.

It was the pen that wrote down about the wars and the struggles done by the sword. The inspiration to fight for one’s own country was spread by the writings of various poets, writers, and scholars. 

The wars once waged by the sword were stopped by the peace treaties written and signed by the pen. The sword was useful in the wars but everyone knew that after the war has ended it will the pen that will be more useful, the educated people will bring real change in the society. The pen has helped man to evolve, and store his ideas and beliefs. 

Writing has always been a more powerful tool than the violence created by the sword. Therefore, its always pen that has been mightier than the sword.