Anushka Muley

Editorial Writer

Anushka Muley, a Resident of Indore is pursuing Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Choithram College, Indore. She believes in writing something that can influence people to stand for the underprivileged ones.

Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go higher than you think.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”- Marcus Aurelius. 

This quote is indeed true because our personalities are the reflection of our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our action, reaction and everything in between. All the great and respected people ever existed used to think in a different way than others and this is how they devoted their life in the benefit of community and society. A person’s actions not only affect their own life but also the life of everyone around them. A single person can achieve great things and do great things for the society as long as they keep their mind-set strong which will only happen when their thoughts are superior.

Our thoughts depend upon the fact that how we perceive and view the world. In order to have great thoughts, a person needs to change their point of view, observed more, be empathetic and complain less. Some activities which help in widening the horizons of human mind are reading, painting, meditation and yoga. It is also important that how a person deals with negative emotions as they become a barrier. A person should learn to deal with hatred, jealousy, anger, ego and feelings of superiority. Self-reflection is really necessary. To analyse your own mistakes and to work on it is a great way to nurture your mind. We often hear people say that criticise your own self before criticising others. It is undoubtedly true. Humans have a natural tendency to criticize other, point out people’s mistakes and never look into their own soul. A person who tries to improve themselves before others naturally have greater and stronger mind-set and outlook towards the world. This is reflected in their behaviour. It is rightly said that, “Counting other people sins doesn’t make you a saint.”

Our mind literally controls each and every action. We are nothing but a consequence of our actions and these actions are determined by our thought process. Every decision we ever made even the smallest one was nothing but our brain’s reaction to a situation. We often talk about how important a good diet is for the betterment of our body. In the same way good thoughts are the nourishment required for our mind.

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