Date: 29/04/2021.     

Day: Thursday.

Speaker Name : Ms.Gayatri Acharya

Time: 4pm IST          

Ended: 5 pm IST.

Platform: Google Meet



  1. To understand how mental health is related to dance.
  2. To understand about Classical Dance in India.
  3. To get an idea about Cinema and Dance.


Webinar was held on the occasion of International Dance Day by SFC foundation Mumbai Unit in collaboration with RCMNWC. This webinar took place on google meet by starting with the introduction of the speaker.

Ms. Gayatri Acharya took over as she explained about the origin of Dance by her Power point presentation.  She talked upon sculptures, music, cinema, emotions (navrasa)using a simple word oh!. She adhered about the four vedas (Rig veda, Yajur veda, Sama veda, Atharva veda)

 As she even covered how mental health is related to dance, and at last she ended her talk by answering all the questions asked by the audience.