SFC Foundations – Chandigarh organised this event on Mother’s Day to showcase our love, affection, and gratitude towards our beloved supermoms.

May 9, 2021

We received excellent responses from the participants for this activity. In the event participants were asked to complete 3 tasks:

1. Give one day off to their mother by helping her in her regular activities like dishwashing, cooking, etc.

2. Cook a meal for their lovely moms.

3. Pay gratitude in form of poems, cards, songs, reels, etc.

The Participants participated enthusiastically in all the activities to mark the importance of mothers in our life as well to make the day worth remembering it.

The occasion as well as the activities of the event complemented each other very well and inspired the participants to make their mothers happy and make them feel special everyday. The event took out the emotions of every participant towards their mothers and taught them to celebrate mother’s day each day like this only