On the occasion of World Environment Day, SFC Foundations Delhi in collaboration with GirlUp Raabta organized Meme Grapple, a meme-making competition on 4th June, 2021.

The aim of the activity was to spread awareness and communicate essential environmental lessons through the fun and unique ways of creating memes. A witty meme can often make the audience laugh, as well as teach something new and important. Currently, our ecology is in an appalling state and demands the help of every inhabitant of our dear planet. It is our duty as vigilant citizens and residents of Mother Earth to keep it in a good shape for ourselves and for the generations to come. The themes for the meme-making competition were Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation, The Three Rs, Lockdown and the Environment, and Rising Bio-medical concerns in the Pandemic.

An outpouring of responses was received with a total of 30 entries. Each of the submissions was judged on the basis of originality, relevance, and overall humour, and after great deliberation 3 entries were declared the winners. The first, second and third prize were awarded to Himanshi, Aditi Singh and Himanshu respectively. Through memes, the participants were able to use their creativity as well as concern towards the environment to spread joy mixed in with need for action and awareness about important ecological issues.