SFC Foundations Delhi conducted an online Media Literacy workshop on 22nd November, 2020 from 10 am to 12 pm, in collaboration with Factshala , a news and information literacy programme, an initiative by Google and Dataleads. The resource person for the session was Ms Neha Verma,  a certified Media Literacy Trainer by Factshala. The workshop was conducted on Google Meet which intended to serve as a platform for helping people to assess and critically evaluate information. Seats for the workshop were limited and 60 people joined us for the same. Topics which were covered in the workshop are power of information , changing information landscape, consequences of bad information, information neighbourhoods, news vs opinion and why is online content prone to misinformation which can even take away lives of people. We also learnt various jargons related to Media and Journalism. It was an informative session which was an eye opener for us and the expertise of our esteemed speaker helped us to learn various new things. This workshop was organized with main purpose of spreading awareness that how misinformation or propaganda driven opinions can have serious impacts on our lives and peace of society. It is need of the hour to understand that all what looks like news is not actually news.