On the 17th of May, 2021 SFC Foundations Delhi launched a campaign titled “Kindness Diaries” till the 19th of May, 2021. Being an inter-unit event, it was open to all the members of SFC Foundations. The initiative brings to the front the inspiring stories of our administrators, core team, coordinators and volunteers.

To break the monotony of webinars and convey the importance of being generous in these difficult times of a global pandemic, entries narrating the tales of kindness, empathy and optimism were invited through google forms. Kindness Diaries of SFC Foundations aims to give a glimpse into the lives of Social Changemakers, their generosity, experiences and the most simple yet impactful stories of kindness from all walks of life.

Undeterred by the pandemic, SFC Foundations believe in inspiring to continue to spread whiffs of kindness and smiles. We received overwhelming entries from team mates of all the units which was shared on our official Instagram handle to create a positive impact among the masses.

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