Kids Paradise: Home as a learning park 

Activity Storyboard

SFC Foundations – Chandigarh organised this activity to make the kids around us learn some cool games and craft through different creative means. The participants were asked to conduct an Art and Craft session for the kids at their home. The participants were asked to teach the kids how to make bookmarks, how to cover a notebook, or to play word game or bingo with them, or encourage them to paint their imagination, etc.    

April 10, 2021

Key heighlights of the activity

We received excellent responses from the participants for this activity. The participants tried to organise a fun Art and Craft session for the kids. The participants and the kids, both enjoyed this activity. 
Learnings / Takeaways from the activity

Day 6 taught the participants that creative activities to teach children help to celebrate children’s uniqueness and the kids also enjoy while learning.