SFC Foundations- Chandigarh


(25th July 2021, Sunday)

Children growing up in slums experience a childhood that often defies the imagination of both the ‘innocent childhood’ proponents and the ‘universal childhood’ advocates. The slums typically lack proper sanitation, safe drinking water, or systematic garbage collection; there is usually a severe shortage of space inside the houses where the children live, and no public spaces dedicated to their use. But that does not mean that these children have no childhood, only a different kind of childhood that sees them playing on rough, uneven ground, taking on multiple roles in everyday life, and sharing responsibilities with adults in domestic and public spaces in the community.

They, despite of all the hardships knows the power of togetherness. Hence, to celebrate their victory, SFC Foundations Chandigarh went to meet these young bees, buzzing around the slums of Sector 38-Chandigarh.We played various games with them and tried to nurture them with the wholesomeness of traits like cooperation, mutual assistance, sharing etc.

Lets together witness some the amazing reactions and the innocence of their gleemig-gliterring eyes 👀✨