The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”🌾

SFC Foundations, which inspires the younger generation to serve the Mother Earth conducted a seven-days Youth Event ‘ HOW’S THE JOSH? ‘ to celebrate the Youth – the power of today and tomorrow 🌅

The three day Youth event ‘ HOW’S THE JOSH?’ three events:
1️⃣ Youth – the society’s representatives
Imagine yourselves as the Youth Ambassadors of India and answer the question : What will be your role at this position for the welfare of society? ( In about 80 – 100 words)
2️⃣ The Reality Check Bingo 📝
You will be given 25 tasks in a Bingo game related to social work. Tick the social tasks that you have done somewhere in your lifetime. With each tick , it is mandatory to send the photograph of yours doing that task as the evidence to serve the purpose of reality check.
3️⃣ My Message to Society 🗞️
Under this task , you have to write a one- liner message that you want to deliver to the society on a large sheet or any file and send a photograph to us, holding it like a placard in your hands.

The NGO got a good response from the participants.This created a zeal of confidence among them and empowered the youth to make this society a better place to survive.