DATE:- 23 rd December 2021.

Number of Participants:-14

  1. To feed the unprivileged people.
  2. To encourage people for food distribution.
  3. To encourage people to help others.
    The Activists of SFC FOUNDATIONS – Mumbai Unit had celebrated Christmas Eve with the
    under privileged people on street and slums yesterday i.e 23 rd December2021.
    On the occasion of Christmas Mumbai Unit distributed 139 boxes of packed Pulav with
    chocolates to poor people with the motto to bring about a smile on the faces of those needy
    people and fed them some food and their heart with love.
    The event took place in 2 places –the slums in RTO Office Lane Andheri West and the poor
    people staying road side under the bridge of Bisleri Factory in Andheri East where almost
    149 beneficiaries including women, girls, men and children enjoyed the event. The
    celebration also had importance as it was the 2 nd offline initiative led by this Youth run NGO.
    A total of 14 Activists took part in the Food Donation Drive in which 9 were Core and
    Coordinators and 5 were Volunteers.
    It is the generous donations of all respectable donors that made this event a big success.
    Our activists are always ready to put themselves into action with dedication and devotion
    for the development and empowerment of the deprived community.