First Aid : Emergency Assistance – a necessity

(Indradhanush Event : Day – 2)

Activity storyboard

SFC foundation- Chandigarh had organised a activity whereby the participants could contribute their bit in case of a emergency. In this activity the students had to make a basic first aid box and give it to the needy be it their housekeeper, guards etc

April 6, 2021

Key highlights of the activity

The participants showed an excellent response with great enthusiasm, resulting in the massive success of the event. This activity helped to educate the participants about the basic components of a first aid kit and its need. 
Learnings/Takeaways from the activity

Day 2 had taught the participants all the aspects of a first aid kit , be it the components of the kit, it’s usage etc. It has also developed a helpful instinct in the participants as they first made the first aid kit and then gave it to the person in need.Attachments area