“When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” SFC Foundations-CHD organized a unique set of activities under the #FightTogetherRiseTigether campaign. These activities were designed specially to develop virtue of love and compassion. The principle reason behind this mission was to spread  hope. For hope anchors our soul. And hope is the only thing stronger than pain.The first activity #VideoMaking was conducted with the main aim of spreading awareness and harmony in the midst of this pandemic. The purpose behind the subsequent activity #ShowYourCompassion was to express our gratitude and support towards the frontline warriors and the people directly affected by COVID-19. To promote a healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle in association with World Health Day, the last activity conducted was #Step/PedalOfHonour wherein the participants had to record the distance covered while cycling, walking or running. This week long campaign was conducted to celebrate unity, hope and compassion amidst this lockdown. To show togetherness for #WeStandTogether #WeAreTogetherInThisBattle.