🔅 Name of the Activity

Enlightening Teens : Open letter Writing 

 Activity Storyboard

SFC Foundations – Chandigarh organised this activity to motivate the teenagers and to help them accept their flaws. Life goes on. So, we must keep our spirits high irrespective of the circumstances. Teenage is hard but some real-time stories can provide you invaluable insights that will help you to lead a better life. 

🔅 Date

July 25 to 27, 2021

🔅 Key highlights of the activity

We received excellent responses from the participants for this activity. The participants shared their inspiring real-time experiences to motivate their juniors and to help teenagers. Even we received a wonderful message from the volunteer stating how much he liked this event. 

🔅 Learnings / Takeaways from the activity

This activity made everyone aware about the struggles that one undergoes during teenage. This open letter writing not only inspired the juniors but also provided a sense of relief to the participants who shared their dark but inspiring experiences.